The Silesian University of Technology. It is the oldest technical university in the region and one of the most prestigious in Poland. As a prestigious European technical university, the Silesian University of Technology hosts innovative research and development activities, and educates highly professional staff for the knowledge-based society and economy. The laboratory of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of SUT is the largest laboratory for construction in Poland. It disposes of a unique, strong slab floor which allows any possible layout of testing stands enabling tests of the specimens in natural scale (real size elements).


AIMPLAS ( Plastic Technology Center located in Valencia, is a private, non-profit Association with more than 600 associated companies created in 1990. AIMPLAS is formed by +170 highly skilled professional, more than 74% with a Masters, Engineering or equivalent degree in Chemistry, polymer engineering, materials engineering or equivalent, including 30 Ph.D. AIMPLAS’ fields of work are related to technological research and development on thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic materials & products, its transformation processes and their recyclability and sustainability. AIMPLAS generates new knowledge and technologies that can be transferred to companies in order to help them to increase their effectiveness and competitiveness.


FEVEC ( is an institution which represents and defends the interest of the valencian construction companies, so their target group is related with the construction sector like: companies, associations, employers, employees, institutions, etc. Since 1986, FEVEC has been dedicated to specific trainings in the field of construction that have upgraded together with the new market trends.

FEVEC has a long career in:

  • Occupational Training
  • Vocational training
  • Training workshops and labor integration
  • Training for workers

FEVEC has trained more than 5.000 students in its history in as many as 30 different knowledge areas related to construction. FEVEC has relevant experiences developed within the framework of previous Europeans aimed at VET and its internationalization and the improvement of the mobility of VET trainers and students. FEVEC has promoted several initiatives at national and international level to foster innovation in the sector, development of partnerships and internationalization.


PEDMEDE, Panhellenic Association of Engineers Contractors of Public Works

PEDMEDE, Panhellenic Association of Engineers Contractors of Public Works. PEDMEDE, established in 1935, represents the construction sector in Greece, covering all the range of companies dealing with the construction of public and private works. PEDMEDE is the sole Greek Construction Association representing the country in a European level. It is a statutory member of FIEC (European Construction Industry Federation) and EIC (European International Contractors), as well as member of EDA (European Demolition Association) & ACRP (European Association for Construction Repair, reinforcement and Protection). The Association’s premises are located in Athens and it comprises of 15 regional departments, covering all Greek regions and a separate section of Construction Companies. In the core of its scope, PEDMEDE aims to ensure and promote its members’ interests and welfare in a national and regional level. In this light, it is in close cooperation with public authorities, government representatives and key stakeholders, representing the construction sector, forming polices and initiatives and having a leading role in social dialogue. Among its key services provided is law consultancy and training along with ensuring active involvement on National and European projects related to its areas of interest.


3s is based in Vienna and one of the leading educational research organisations in Austria. 3s is experienced in the interdisciplinary design and implementation of projects in the field of knowledge, learning and work. We develop methods, tools and instruments for anticipating and assessing qualifications and competences. We collect, structure and analyse data in the area of education and training and are specialised in national and European project work in the field of initial and continuing vocational education, higher education, and adult education.


Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS) is a non-profit, non-governmental, independent business organisation representing the interest of its members. With almost 170 years of tradition, it is one the most influential business organisation in Slovenia. CCIS unites 20 branch associations, representing all important industry sectors of Slovenia, under its roof. CCIS has 13 regional offices across Slovenia. CCIS is composed of branch business associations, regional associations and professional departments.